Lo Gnocco


Lo Gnocco - Sponsor ufficiale di Quartotempo Firenze
Lo Gnocco

Lo Gnocco: Official sponsor of Quartotempo Firenze

The Company

Essedi Pasta SRL is a new reality in the Italian industrial food sector. It was created by the father of the family, Santo, who still manages the company together with his sons (Gianluca and Tommaso). After the entry of the new generation, we have further expanded our market, invested in the latest generation of machinery and taken care of the company’s image, also through direct communication with the final consumer. Initially the market was concentrated exclusively on behalf of third parties, but after years of experience and appreciation received for its products, Essedi Pasta decided to face the market with a line of gnocchi with its own brand: this is how Lo Gnocco was born.

The Staff

Essedi Pasta SRL is an Italian family company, founded in 1990. Today it represents a brand of reliability and availability, recognized by all those who decide to try its products.

“It is said that if you do what you love, you will not work a single day of your life. I can say that I have never worked in the last 20 years: exactly when I discovered my passion for fresh pasta. This is the job that I love and for which I try to improve myself every day.”

Li Vecchi Santo

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