Quartotempo Firenze - 5x1000 2019

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Quartotempo Firenze - 5x1000 2019

Our association is committed to promoting the values of sport, health and sociality in all their forms and with close ties to the territory.

You can support Quartotempo Firenze in its intent in different ways:

  • Join the Association and participate in our activities
  • Your 5×1000 is an important resource for our athletes! write the Tax Code 94203300481 of A.S.D. Quartotempo Firenze under “Sostegno alle associazioni sportive dilettantistiche” in your Italian income tax return.
  • Make a free donation to the Association to support the athletes in paying the activity fees, in the purchase of sports equipment and in travelling to meet other athletes in Italy and Europe. You can do it through
    • a bank transfer to the IBAN: IT46I0760102800001002002705 with causative “EROGAZIONE LIBERALE”;
    • following the PayPal procedure through this button:

Thank you!