General information


our goal is to create a place open to all

to feel good about and have fun in,

in which to build stimulating relationships within the group, through a qualified sports and educational proposal

in which there may be the possibility of welcoming even those who have more difficulty in placing themselves in sports groups.

A place where diversity is taught and experienced as a great wealth for the life of each individual athlete.


  • Matteo Fazzini – head of the sports area – football coach Coni-Figc, Uefa B and Calcio a 5, since 2011 coach in the youth sector of ACF Fiorentina.
  • Iacopo Fossi – head of the psychological and educational area – Psychologist and Psychotherapist trained at CESIPc in Florence, supervisor of all the dynamics in the field, in order to pursue the objectives of well-being, growth of the people involved and relationships within the group.
  • Giovanni Avallone – coordinator of sports activities – coach of football and 5-a-side football with many years of experience with young people and women’s football
  • Alice Bindi, psychologist
  • Gabriele Lupi, Psychologist
  • Emanuele Bartolucci – coordinator of sports activities – general educator
  • Luca Catania – collaborator
  • Lorenzo Romagnoli – collaborator
  • Andrea Chiellini – collaborator
  • Michael Mazzanti – collaborator
  • Gianluca Li Vecchi- collaborator
  • Volunteers: present in the field in a suitable number to help raise the quality of the proposal and allow each participant to express themselves, learn and have fun.


Football training will take place at the 5-a-side football pitch of the Circolo Arci Dino Manetti located in Via Baracca 2a San Piero a Ponti – Campi Bisenzio.

basketball training will be held at the gymnasium of the school Verga San Donnino (Campi Bisenzio), Piazza Della Costituzione 9

In the period from October 2017 to April 2018 the field will be covered and heated.


From September to June.


Before registering, the athlete, in possession of a certificate of good health from the doctor, can try the activity for as long as he needs (2,3,4 meetings with family agreement / technical and psychological stage). If there is a willingness to register, the registration forms will be delivered, otherwise nothing will be asked for the tests carried out.


We invite you to look at the COSTS in the section of each group


Matteo Fazzini tel 348 2319500 mail

Giovanni Avallone tel 392 2256543 mail


Preliminary remarks

Quartotempo promotes many distinct “groups/teams” in the different types of sports activated: the “groups/teams” activated to date are

the SOCCER group and the BASKETBALL group.

The activities are divided into:

Basic activities

They are the ongoing activities such as:

  • the transport/accompaniment of the athletes,
  • training,
  • the locker room activities,
  • staff, team and family meetings.

Additional activities

These are the activities planned according to the needs and projects of the teams/sports, evaluated by the staff/athletes and families and organized accordingly, such as:

  • retreats,
  • summer games and tournaments,
  • championships,
  • internships,
  • festivities and events,
  • advice and groups for family members

The planning of the work carried out by the “team groups” is the result of the integration of the educational planning on the group and the technical/sports planning.

Each group training-activity focuses on 5 areas of experience:

  1. relational
  2. psychological
  3. educative
  4. physical-athletic
  5. technical-tactical