“I think it’s necessary to educate the new generations on the value of defeat. To its management. To the humanity that flows from it. To build an identity capable of perceiving a common destiny, where one can fail and start again without the value and dignity being affected. Not to become a social disintegrator, not to pass over the bodies of others to get first.
Pier Paolo Pasolini

Presentation and meaning of the “Soccer Project”

On September 6, 2011 the A.S.D. QUARTOTEMPO FIRENZE was born, taking up the legacy of a social and educational project born within the Cooperativa Sociale Matrix Onlus. In the meaning of the name Quartotempo is enclosed the sense that we want to give to our Sports Association, composed of athletes, technicians, educators, managers, specialists in psychology and education and all those who want to be part of it: in many sports there is a first and a second time that mark the comparison at the sports level between two teams, there is also a third time where the comparison leaves room for sharing between those who were previously “adversaries”, well, we thought of the “fourth time” as a representation of time wider, which is born and feeds in the first three and expands accompanying the person in their daily lives.

Foto di gruppo

For us, sport is the tool for getting to know ourselves and others, for taking care of our bodies and our health, for playing and having fun, for feeling involved in the enrichment of a common project. Through the game of football we can establish increasingly significant relationships, sharing with other goals, joys, sorrows, laughter and disappointments and savor the deep differences that there are between us all. Our team has been working together for six years and works with professionalism to accompany each person on their journey with the hope that athletes, leaving the changing rooms after the shower and entering the “fourth half”, take away an increasing number of things and have the opportunity to give everything that happens to them a richer meaning through their unique legitimate perspective and interpretation.