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Basketball team (over 14)

Athletes with medium to severe difficulties, of various ages and basketball abilities. People with Down Syndrome, autism spectrum disorders and other cognitive delays are welcomed. First of all, important work is being done to expand the relational resources of the people involved and to develop their autonomy.

Days and hours of activity: Friday from 16.00 to 17.15

N.B. The seat of the activity is at the gymnasium of the Verga school of San Donnino (Campi Bisenzio), Piazza Della Costituzione 9.



Absences from training give the member the right to be able to recover in the 2 free training sessions scheduled in June (see training program) and do not involve any reduction in the monthly fee.

Healthcare coverage

The applicant self-certifies with this registration that the person enrolled in the activity was visited by the attending physician and is in possession of a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications to the practice of non-competitive sports. the ASD QUARTOTEMPO FIRENZE, in addition to the certificate of good health of the attending physician, invites athletes to make a visit to an Institute of Sports Medicine with the issuance of a certificate of fitness for competitive sports, with the ECG examination under strain. The ASD QUARTOTEMPO FIRENZE declines all responsibility for any health problem that may occur during the activities. in the event that the athlete is affected by Down’s syndrome will also have to take for one time, in advance of the start of sporting activity, a dynamic X-ray of the cervical spine in order to identify any diseases (such as instability of the cervical spine).

Privacy of documents

All documents relating to the service, including personal and “sensitive” data of interested parties, are processed for the exclusive use of the best possible service, in compliance with the obligations relating to confidentiality, communication and dissemination, and are kept at the headquarters in Via Baracca 2/a, Campi Bisenzio – FI, in a special archive. Mrs. Claudia D’Attoma, coordinator of the project, is responsible for the processing of data by the owner of the Privacy Mr. Iacopo Fossi on behalf of ‘ASD QUARTOTEMPO FIRENZE.The Organizing Staff of the Project reserves the right to accept registration after administration of questionnaires and / or interviews to applicants (and / or their families) regarding any personal data deemed essential to the good planning of activities. These questionnaires and / or interviews can also be administered after registration has taken place, if the need arises.

The transfer

The applicant may arrange for the transfer of the outward and return journey to the project sites, or may use the Transport Service activated by the ASD QUARTOTEMPO FIRENZE exclusively for written members who expressly request it (the “Transport Service Form”).

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