Other Activities

QuartoTempo provides for the promotion of different “groups/teams” distinct in the different types of sport activated: in each of them, the objectives and general aims of the proposals find a specific application that takes into account the distinctive characteristics of the specific sport or activity.
The “groups/teams” activated to date are the SOCCER group and the BASKET group.

It is also useful to distinguish the activities in:

  • Basic activities – these are continuous activities such as:
    • transport/accompaniment of athletes,
    • training,
    • the locker room activities,
    • staff, team and family meetings.
  • Additional activities – these are activities planned according to the needs and projects of the teams/sports, assessed by staff/athletes and families and organised accordingly, such as:
    • retreats,
    • summer games and tournaments,
    • championships,
    • internships,
    • festivities and events,
    • advice and groups for family members

The planning of the work carried out by the “team groups” is the result of the integration of the educational planning on the group and the technical/sports planning.

Each group training-activity focuses on 5 areas of experience:

  1. relational
  2. psychological
  3. educative
  4. physical-athletic
  5. technical-tactical