Quartotempo at the XIX Flexible Week

In February of this year, the Gonzaga Institute of Milan invited us, together with Rerum, to the XIX Flexible Week, for the educational, sports and social inclusion project “Beyond the Barrier. A game to win!“.
We have been able to carry out 4 hours of lesson, together with Nicola Legrottaglie and Stefano Ghisleni, bringing to the knowledge of about 200 students the existence of the 5 A SIDE BLIND SOCCER, also and above all together with Jacopo Lilli, Abdelsalam Fadil Agila and Oussama Jerid, 3 of our blind players.
Among the almost 50 lessons held in this Flexible Week, ours has been extremely appreciated, classifying itself as fourth by interest: we write this not for pleasure, but to bring to light that, in the soul of the boys, a good seed can be insinuated.

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